iPhone SDK 2.2.1

February 10, 2009 § Leave a comment


If you update your iphone developer device after Feb 2, 2009 via iTune, you will find you can’t complete the Provisioning Assistance process or you can’t test your app on your iphone developer device.

iPhone SDK 2.2.1 is required for development with devices updated to iPhone OS 2.2.1 after Feb 2, 2009.

iPhone SDK 2.2.1 is 1.75 GB, may take 2 hours to download .dmg file on high speed internet network.

If you currently find the Organizer within Xcode showing a “yellow” light on iPhone developer device, it means your developer device contains conflict. The Organizer with “yellow” light will not show any Provisioning panel. There is no panel to drag the .mobileprovision file to.

These are the steps to resolve Developer Disk Image on your Developer Device:

  1. Launch the latest iPhone OS 2.2.1 SDK,
  2. Double-click to open the Packages folder
  3. Double-click on DeveloperDiskImage.pkg
  4. Follow the installer’s instructions
  5. Make sure you specific the location to Macintosh HD/Developer
  6. Restart Xcode again
  7. Open Organizer under Window
  8. Verify the light on DEVICES is “green”
  9. Provisioning panel show the Profile
  10. Now you can drag the .mobileprovision file to the panel

Happy Testing!

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