Tips in submitting app to App Store

February 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

Here I am covering undocumented steps in submitting iphone SDK app to App Store.


You think you have completed the process of submitting the app and selected the price tier. You couldn’t complete the process.


You do not have a contract in place for the price tier you selected. To make your application available on the App Store, you must have an active Paid Applications contract.


If you select a price tier other than Free App, you will need to add a Paid Application contract for the price tier and activate the contract. You return to the iTune Connect homepage and enter the Payment section. Enter your banking information. Wait for approval.


You couldn’t upload the binary file. Be sure you select the file and then click “upload” to submit the file.


The binary you uploaded was invalid. The bundle identifier contains disallowed characters. (See the Uniform Type Identifiers Overview documentation on the ADC web site.)


Open your Xcode project and Info.plist. Bundle identifier must be unique to your application.

Example: your company name is and the application name is party. Place “com.” before your company name, add “.” and your application name.

Bundle identifier:


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