Display Product Name

April 29, 2009 § 1 Comment

There are 2 ways to display Product Name under your icon on iPhone home screen.

Option 1:

In Info.plist, you can change the default value in Bundle Display Name key. Default is ${PRODUCT_NAME}.

Options 2:

${PRODUCT_NAME} is set in your build target Build tab, Packaging section, Product Name.

If you change the value in the target rather than in the plist then it becomes easier to have multiple targets produce executables with different display names.

You can have different targets for testing, acceptance, and production which could all share one plist and still create different apps.


iPhone Paper Protoype

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Ginsburg Design presented how to use paper prototyping approch from web to iphone design here.

The approach is still not targeted for iphone individual developers. The cost ranges from $5K to $10k on recruiting and renting lab space alone.

Tools are limited to designers. Developers with skill on Dashboard or Xcode’s Interface Builder may find it easier to prototype with IDE than paper.

Objective-C Random Number

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Always remember to seed the random generator. Or else your initial random number will be cached. It will display the same random number.


This will seed the random generator with the current time in seconds.

Apple Design Awards 2009

April 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

Apple Design Awards 2009

Entries will be accepted beginning Thursday, April 2 and ending at 5PM (PST) Monday, May 4, 2009.

Apply your app here.

Awards will be presented to:

  • Up to four winners who have designed applications using iPhone SDK for iPhone SDK 2.2.1 (applications must be released versions and available on the App Store).
  • One winner who has designed an application using iPhone OS 3.0 beta (application must be a pre-release version)
  • One student winner who has designed an application using iPhone SDK for iPhone SDK 2.2.1 (application must be a released version and available on the App Store).
These are the judging criteria for winners:

Platform Innovation

Innovative applications on iPhone and Mac revolutionize and inspire with technical breakthroughs, ground breaking ideas, brilliant user interaction, and category defining functionality.

Technology Integration & Adoption

Exemplary applications integrate with technologies, services, and data on Mac OS X and iPhone OS to deliver a compelling, fully integrated, system optimized user experience.


Great applications connect to the outside world for services, location information, high scores, user information, and more to extend their functionality and offer added value to users.


World-class applications stand out from the crowd by being available to users around the world in their language of choice.

Design & Quality

The best applications on iPhone and Mac deliver a user experience that’s elegant, intuitive, engaging, organized, efficient, and easy to use.

Performance Tuning & Optimization

Stable, fast, optimized applications are the hallmark of greatness. From optimal memory usage, to minimal startup time, great applications keep users productive or entertained with minimal overhead and excellent responsiveness.

iphone App Strategy based on analytics

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Interesting analytics on iphone usage.

  • consumers use free app 20 times in average before getting bored
  • average time on each app is 9.6 min
  • tailgate ad on loading time get 22 sec attention

Objective-C Math Random Number

April 28, 2009 § 3 Comments

int i = arc4random() % 100;

i will generate an integer between 0 and 100. % is reminder.

API Design Guidelines

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This article covers API Design Guidelines with many reference links.

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