CS4 Firework SmartCSS

April 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

SmartCSS started out as an extension for Fireworks CS3, now it is included as a standard feature in Fireworks CS4.

The idea of using CS4 Firework is to rapidly prototype from wireframe to mockup, from interactive PDF to CSS and Images export. It is designed to reduce the efforts and steps in workflow from scratch paper prototype, wireframe to interactive mockup. It is designed to save time and steps in creating templates. It would save developers time to handcode from scratch.

2 Export Modes:

1) uses a layout engine to analyze the placement of the objects in the Fireworks design and generate the expanding pages

2) uses absolute positioning to place the objects in the design

If your design includes overlapping objects that do not facilitate the export of expanding page content, the layout engine will be disabled, a warning will be displayed, and the CSS export option will use the absolute position mode to generate the CSS code.

When you use absolute position mode, Fireworks simply places each design object at a precise location on the browser window.


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