Layout Landscape within Interface Builder

April 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

In addition to the necessary code to set the orientation to Landscape, there are extra work required on Interface Builder to make everything fit into Landscape mode.

There is lack of published or available information on Interface Builder especially on the UI Design. This will maximize the screen and address Landscape orientation.

Inside Interface Builder within MainView Inspector property, set Status Bar, Top Bar, Bottom Bar to None. Mode to Scale to Fill. Set Size property to W 320 and H 480. Or else white background will be showing where the Bottom Bar is.

If you are using Utility template, then you can move the UIButton “info” by opening the MainWindow.xib file and RootViewController view, and then dragging it to the ideal position for the landscape mode within Interface Builder. It is done within Interface Builder rather than Xcode code.

Default.png and UIImage image should be restructured in W 320 and H 480 to align the Xcode landscape orientation. If not, the app will appear in protrait mode.


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