Options for iPhone SDK Animiation

April 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

Options to add animation.

1) MPMoviePlayer
It gives no control and no flexibility on audio/video implementation.

2) UIImageView.animationImages API
It tends to suck up system memory. If you have over 100 images in animation, system memory will be maxed out. It works well for 2 to 5 full screen 480×320 images. In cases it works well on 20 full screen 480×320 images on simple app.

3) Workaround Approach
Created a class that keeps each image in a PNG file and then renders the PNG file into a UIImage at the right time. Animation oriented view controller that simply waits to read the PNG image data for a frame until it is needed. Instead of alllocating many megabytes, this class run in about a half a meg of memory with about a 5% CPU utilization for 2 sec animation at 15 FPS with total of 30 PNG images.

4) CATransaction


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