Building Zip file for iphone Distribution

April 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

The steps to build the zip files are not very clear. This clarify the missing details to complete the process.

  • Launch Xcode and open your project
  • Click on the Project root folder
  • Select project’s Info Panel’s <Configurations> tab
  • Duplicate Release
  • Rename it to “Distribution”
  • Select project’s <Build> tab
  • Select Distribution under Configuration: drop down menu
  • Click on the <Target> folder
  • Select Info Panel’s <build> tab
  • Under Build Options, select Distribution Profile that you pair with .mobileprovision file
  • Select <Properties> tab
  • Enter your identifier: com.yourcompany.yourapp
  • In the project window, select the Distribution Active Configuration from the overview popup and set the Active SDK to the desired Device.
  • Stay on the Target folder
  • Click Build
  • Select app located within Product folder
  • Select “Reveal in Finder” from the action popup
  • Use compress option to create a zip file
  • Compress only the .app file, not entire build folder

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