Adobe CS4 Firework

April 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Many are not aware of the latest CS4 Firework has evolved into far more than a lighter weight of graphic software like Photoshop. CS4 Firework has transformed into a rapid prototyping software for any design project including website or web app.

The key advantages are the ability to mix bitmap and vector images together, able to import native artwork from Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. You can scale any image with 9 Slice transformer with smart guide without distorting the images. 9 Slice scaling can be used without using symbol.

  • 9 Slice Scaling
  • export interactive PDF
  • export AIR
  • export to Flex
  • export HTML/CSS

You can generate password-protected interactive PDF for clients to review and sign-off. Create AIR prototype that run on any platform. Apply lighting effects, shadow effects, styles, blend modes. Import hierarchical layers and layer effects on Photoshop PSD files. Import Illustrator AI files without losing integrity. Export Fireworks PNG files directly to Flash CS4 without losing editability on vectors, bitmaps, animations and multiple states.

CS4 Firework is designed to add it back to your design and development workflow. You can use common library to add standard compliant HTML and CSS code. It uses CSS-based fluid layout design instead of absolute positioning layout design. It is designed to develop Mockup or templates with better and quicker design work flow and ease into the development integration.


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