iPhone Game Engine Options

April 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

To speed up gaming development on iphone, game engines are far more efficient than writing native Objective-C using OpenGL LE etc.


It is a cross-platform C++ networking API.


JavaScript and C# scripts are compiled to native ARM assembler code during the build process. This gives an average performance increase of 20-40 times over interpreted languages. Unity uses packed mesh formats that get every last bit of performance out of the iPhone. We consistently beat GL ES benchmarks by 30-40%. Save your multilayer Photoshop files and let Unity automatically compress your images with PVRTC Texture Compression. It’s all automatic without a single required click. This greatly reduces memory usage and distribution size, and also improves rendering performance.

Torque iphone Licenses:

  • Torque Game Engine ($150)
  • iTGE ($500)
  • Torque IDE [optional, but recommended] ( $39.95)
  • Torque Constructor (free)

Unity iPhone Licenses

  • Basic ($400)
  • Indie
  • Unity Pro ($1,500)

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