April 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

Forward Geocoding
Converting address into coordinates and zip code

Geocoding for
Street Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
City: Washington
State / Province: DC
ZIP / Postal: n/a

Geocoding Results:
Latitude: 38.898748
Longitude: -77.037684
ZIP / Postal Code: 20502

Reverse Geocoding
Converting coordinates to address

Geocoding for
Latitude: 40.748356
Longitude: -73.984621

Geocoding Results:
Street Address: 352 5th Ave
City: New York
State / Province: NY
ZIP / Postal Code: 10016
Distance: 11 meters

Converting coordinates to nearest intersection

Geocoding for
Latitude: 38.898748
Longitude: -77.037684

Nearest Intersection:
Street 1: Pennsylvania Ave
Street 2: Jackson Pl
Distance: 23 meters

Nearest Major Intersection:
Street 1: Pennsylvania Ave
Street 2: Jackson Pl
Distance: 23 meters


§ One Response to Geocoder

  • Abraham Strulovic says:


    I need help in getting valid address nearest intersections in our dispatch software.

    We are a non profit all volunteer organization in Brooklyn NY sending drivers to take elderly patients to doctors and therapy center, we have a dispatch software were we enter pick up locations, but our programmer cant find a database that we can get updated nearest intersection, so if we enter for instance address “123 Main St.” to return results “between Ave. A and Ave B”, I looked allot on the web but find any detail help.

    Please let me know if I can call you regarding this matter.

    Abraham Strulovic
    Chesed Volunteers of Williamsburg

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