Upgrade iphone beta 5 on 2G phone (1st Gen) only

May 25, 2009 § 4 Comments

Two out of three developers receive error messages upon installation of iPhone Beta 5 (3.0 (7A312g)) on iPhone. This procedure is confirmed to work for iphone 2G (1st Generation).

  • “ERROR: Updating baseband: file could not be verified”
  • “Bad Build Identity”
  • passcode set for screen locking

Watch out if you are using beta version earlier than Beta 5. Each beta seems to have an expiration date. You must upgrade to the next beta version before the current beta expire. You would need to update from previous Beta to the next Beta version to complete a successful upgrade.

Even if you have Apple Store plan, it is unlikely you would receive Genius help as they are not trained to work on OS 3.0 yet. Apple may not support any iphone problems related to OS 3.0 beta upgrade. It is unlikely that you would be able to exchange for new iphone.

Status: Your iphone may show purple screen or pink screen without option to “Slide for emergency”. It’s iTune logo with usb cable.


  • install latest beta iTune 8.2 (where you download OS 3.0 Beta 5)
  • ipsw copy of firmware

This is how you move the iphone to FDU mode. It is not normal restore mode.

Possible Fix:

Xcode Organizer restore won’t work. You must use iTune beta instead. Don’t skip updating Beta4 before you go on Beta 5. Restore the iphone to beta 4, then do update. Not a restore to beta 5.

Or you can try shorter version

  • hold both buttons for 7 sec then release top button
  • continue to hold home button until iTune recognize the phone

If your beta 4 on iphone is expired, update option on iTune is grayed out.

You can’t restore directly to Beta 5 on 2G / 1st generation iphone. You can restore directly to beta 4 by option-clicking the restore button in iTune 8.2. Select beta 4 file you’ve downloaded. Update from beta 4 to beta 5 by Option-Clicking “Check for updates” button in iTune (Not Restore). Select beta 5 file.

To install OS 3.0 beta 5 into 2G iphone, you need both OS 3.0 beta 4 and beta 5 to complete the process.

To restore back to OS 2.2.1 (you never install beta 3 or beta 4 prior to this)

  • Move iphone to DFU mode
  • Option-Click in iTune on “Restore” button
  • Select 2.2.1 .ipsw
  • Wait until iphone is restored
  • Option-Click on “Check Updates” button in iTune
  • Select 3.0 .ipsw

§ 4 Responses to Upgrade iphone beta 5 on 2G phone (1st Gen) only

  • Trying out your steps, after no help from official sources.

    Initial step of installing Beta 4 worked, though it is then shown as out of date. So now trying Beta 5 as I type.

    Now let’s see if it works ….

    Ah, no.

    I’ll try going back to beta 4 again. See if that fixes it.
    Well, you got me further than I have before.

    Hey ho.

  • Accidentally did the restore to Beta 5, realised this and then did it again with the option click update to Beta 5 and it has worked.

    A huge thank you to you.

    • svwebbuilder says:

      Read the entire blog first before getting started. I did make a note to pay attention for situation if your earlier version is expired. Great! Glad you get this to work. This is why I need to blog as the official sources are not so complete.

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