iPhone SDK 3.0

June 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

I summarize the latest APIs supported in SDK 3.0.

Push Notification Service

  • text notifications
  • audible alerts
  • numbered badge on app icon

It requires your server to generate notifications. Apple Push Notification Service would trigger the notification. Configure your app delegate to process the notification via shared UIApplication object.

Cut Copy Paste

  • strings
  • images
  • colors
  • URLs

You can exchange content in above data types via UIPasteboard object under UIKit framework on existing UIKit views.

UITextField, UITextView, and UIWebView classes offers automatic support on both 1) text selection 2) editing menu of Cut, Copy, Paste, Select, and Select all commands. UIMenuController class allow you to customize editing menu.

External Accessary Framework

ExternalAcessory.framework is designed to communicate with hardware acessories attached to iphon. It is connected thru 30-pin dock connector or wirelessly using Bluetooth. It generates communication sessions.

Store Kit Framework

StoreKit.framework offers financial aspects of transaction, processing payment requests via iTune securely. Allow users to unlock additional features or game levels. Developers design purchasing interface and downloading (unlocking) of content.

Game Kit Framework

GameKit.framework offers peer-to-peer connectivity and in-game voice features in multiplayer network games or even non-game apps, building over Bonjour.

Map Kit Framework

MapKit.framework offers a map interface embedded within your app. Scrollable map view can be annotated (pin marker) with custom info to include current map region and user’s location.

Media Player Framework

MediaPlayer.framework classes play audio items from user’s audio library in all audio types in iPod, construct queues to play back, search library, and access user’s playlists (smart, on-the-go, genius playlists).

AV Foundation Framework

AVFoundation.framework AVAudioRecorder class with AVAudioRecorderDelegate manage state changes during recording. AVAudioSession class controls audio session category, sample rate, I/O buffer duration. AVAudioSessionDelegate respond to audio hardware route changes and audio interruptions. It gives constants for configurating audio formats, audio encoding, and sample rate conversion for recording.

Core Data Framework

CoreData.framework uses graphical tools in Xcode to build a schema representing your data model. At runtime, data model entities are created and managed via Core Data framework. It reduces amount of written code.

  • Store data objects in SQLite database
  • NSFetchedResultsController class manage table view results
  • Manage undo/redo text editing
  • validate data objects
  • retain integrity of data object relationships
  • group, filter and organize data in memory

Message UI Framework

MessageUI.framework offers a view controller to compose email with fields in recipients, subject, body content, any attachments.


MPMoviePlayerController class supports playback of live video streaming over http.


  • Safari supports audio and video HTML elements to embed audio and video into web app. Geolocation JavaScript classes work with onboard location services to retrieve current location of device.
  • Shared Keychain items such as user password can be shared among multiple applications. Create Entitlement property list file to include the supported entitlements in application binaries.
  • Core Location framework includes heading info from iPhone with build-in magnetometer.
  • OpenGL ES 2.0, upgrade of OpenGL ES 1.1, requires iphone 3G.
  • UIDevice class to access battery state and proximity sensor.
  • UIImagePickerController class control video capturing
  • UISearchDisplayController calss manage search bar control with better results
  • UIViewController class manage one-step view rotation from a view controller
  • UIViewController class suports flip and cross-fade transitions
  • UINavigationController class supports standard built-in toolbar where contents can change to reflect active view controller
  • UIView class supports 3- or 9-part stretched images without using stretable UIImage or multiple image views
  • UITextView and UIWebView classes convert data into phone no, URLS, address, or clickable links
  • UIWebView supports RTF, RTFD, PDF, iWork, and office doc.

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