Flash Lite Application Types

December 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

These are the 3 types of Flash Lite Application.

1. Standalone

Standalone Flash Lite applications are the most common category of Flash Lite applications. It only requires a SWF file.

S60 3rd Ed and/or Feature Pack 1 devices
Flash Lite player can be launched from the Applications menu

S60 3rd Ed and/or Feature Pack 2 devices
Flash player is a hidden application that allows users to access Flash Lite content directly from the Media Gallery or File Manager . Or it is launched from other applications that need to play Flash Lite content.

2. Browser-embedded Content

You can include Flash Lite content in HTML and XHTML Web pages. When a SWF file is coded in the <embed> and <object> elements of a Web page, the file is downloaded and played automatically by the device. It can be used in conjunction with mobile device widgets.

3. Screen Saver

A SWF file that requires no user interaction is a screen saver. Screen saver is available on all S60 devices that support Flash Lite 2.0 or newer and on all Series 40 devices. Wallpapers are a subset of screen savers. Wallpapers are displayed as a background image. Any device that supports screen savers also supports wallpapers.

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