Build app for 3rd party on Distribution Provisioning Profile

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Option 1

Ask 3rd party to share the password from their agent’s account and (re)issue their distribution cert using your private key. They can revoke it soon as you’ve got the build accepted
if they like.

Option 2

You create the certificate request from your system. 3rd Party admin would approve it and then you down load it. You wouldn’t need their private key. You will be listed as their team under their account.

Option 3

On the iPhone Developer Portal click on ‘Saving your Private Key and Transferring to other Systems’. The computer that generated the certificate request still has the private key which is required by the certificate. You can now transfer .p12 file between computer systems. Double-click on the .p12 to install it on a system. You will be prompted for the password you setup for .p12 file.

You need 3rd Party Distribution Certificate, their app-store Distribution Provisioning Profile and the private-key used to create the Distribution Certificate.  You’ll need the private key’s password in order to install it.

Run codesign from the command line
Create Distribution Profile


What is Private API?

February 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

Private APIs or non-public APIs or undocumented APIs are APIs that Apple doesn’t list in API documentation. Apple doesn’t publish a white list or black list.

Private API examples:

With latest iPhone SDK 3.1 Xcode would give warnings for any SPI usage after compiling. Currently there is no official or unofficial tools to detect such private APIs.

Note: If there’s a critical bug fix, send an email to

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