Developing multiple mobile SDK

May 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s struggle for independent developers to develope and support multiple mobile SDK. iPhone / iPad requires only Mac OSX while Symbian, BlackBerry and Window only support PC Window.

Apple has dropped the latest OSX price significantly to less than $30 while Microsoft maintains the latest Window OS to $300 per license box for 2 machine installations and upgrade license to $200 per license box. That doesn’t include the price in adding additional memory and labor cost to meet the OS requirement or optimal performance. That adds another $150-200 for 2GB RAM upgrade.

While it is expensive to buy another PC machine for targeting only a few PC specific mobile SDK, one should consider using Virtual Machine on mac.

Free option is Boot camp. However it requires you to boot your mac to access window. It’s not good way to share files between OS.


  • Bootcamp
  • Virtual Box
  • Virtual PC VM
  • Parallel
  • Fusion

After reviewing Mac magazine reviews, even both Parallel and Fusion are very close in product offering, Parallel is marginally better in terms of speed, performance and customization.


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