How to use AdWhirl Ad Network

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Adding Ad Aggregate AdWhirl is easier if you can follow it step by step. Ad Aggregate is designed to optimize by rotating your Ad Network.

  • Add the AdWhirl SDK libraries into your project. 4 files (ARRollerProtcol.h, ARRollerView.h, libAdWhirlDevice.a, libAdWhirlSimulator.a) in the “AdWhirl” folder
  • Add supporting frameworks required by all supported Ad Networks. In addition to the defaulted UIKit.framework, Foundation.framework, CoreGraphics.framework, add the following frameworks.
    • AddressBook.framework
    • CoreLocation.framework
    • QuartzCore.framework
    • SystemConfiguration.framework
    • libsqlite3.dylib
    • libxml2.dylib
    • libz.dylib
  • Quattro Wireless requires that the ObjC flag is included under the “Other Linkers Flag” setting. App “Get Info” on Build tab 1) Set the configuration mode to “All Configurations” 2) Enter “ObjC” on Other Linker Flags section. ObjC is CASE-SENSITIVE. Capital-O, lowercase-b, lowercase-j, and Capital-C.
  • Add additional lines on AdRollSimpleViewController.h:18

#import “ARRollerView.h”
#import “ARRollerProtocol.h”

@interface AdRolloSimpleViewController : UIViewController <ARRollerDelegate> {


  • Add AdWhirl view to your app view and return AdWhirl application key from the required delegate method

In line 28 of AdWhirlSimpleViewController.m on -adWhirlApplicationKey method, add the following codes:

ARRollerView* rollerView = [ARRollerView requestRollerViewWithDelegate:self];
[self.view addSubview:rollerView];

#pragma mark ARRollerDelegate required delegate method implementation

– (NSString*) adWhirlApplicationKey

return @”xxxx”; // AdWhirl application key


Another issue relates to FBConnect. If you’re compiling FBConnect into your project, or if you’re using a platform that requires FBConnect, try using the workarounds above. Otherwise, since the Pinch Media library is the conflicting library, you can download a version without Pinch Media library.


Getting your iphone app to news/reporters

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Our local iphone developer group discussed about the challenges of getting reporters to write about the app.

Press Release is definitely effective marketing PR tool.

Hello Vino founder shared his positive experience about releasing a formal press release to announce the launch via PRWeb. Hello Vino, a free wine pairing guide, issued a press release on Jun 15, 2009 Mon. Within a few days they were reviewed and mentioned in,, (SF) and other wine industry news sites and blogs.

Official Release: article:

AdMob goes independent from Ad Aggregators

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AdWhirl and Tapjoy are latest popular Ad Aggregators for iphone. It helps iphone developers to fill the ad inventory or maximize the ad serving rate.

Admob is one of the largest Ad providers for AdWhirl and Tapjoy. AdMob announces the change of policy today and to keep AdWhirl and possibly Tapjoy out.

AdMob serves about 6.2 billion impressions per month whiel AdWhirl serves around 1 billion.

Tapjoy explains the benefits of Effective Ad Management SDK.

Google’s Mobile AdSense for iPhone & Android

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Google is releasing private beta for Mobile AdSense. Contextual ads can be targed by applications, locations, categories, or keywords.

* Free
* > 100,000 pageviews per day
* iphone app
* Android app
* must go live with ads in 4 weeks
* stay for 3 months

Direct competitors are AdMob & Greystripe.

Google Mobile AdSense has more advertisers than any startsup ad network, filling up mobile ad inventory.

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