How to code ActionScript to softkey on Flash Lite Nokia Mobile App

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By default you can define pressed key event to softkey using ActionScript on Flash Lite Nokia mobile app.

Flash Lite 1.1

You can assign pressed key events to a button. You can map the for navigation keys, numeric keypad, and softkeys.

Convert a shape into a button and assign the code.

on(keyPress "<Enter>") {
    trace("Selection key pressed");
on(keyPress "<PageUp>") {
    trace("Left softkey pressed");
on(keyPress "<PageDown>") {
    trace("Right softkey pressed");
on(keyPress "<Up>") {
    trace("Up direction key pressed");

Flash Lite 2.0+

A key listener can be assigned to a button, object or MovieCkip.

// Create the object for the key listener

var keyListener:Object = new Object();

// Define the onKeyDown events to listen to

keyListener.onKeyDown = function() {

    if (Key.getCode() == Key.ENTER) {

        trace("Selection key pressed");


    else if (Key.getCode() == ExtendedKey.SOFT1) {

        trace("Left softkey pressed");


    else if (Key.getCode() == ExtendedKey.SOFT2) {

        trace("Right softkey pressed");


    else if (Key.getCode() == Key.UP) {

        trace("Up direction key pressed");



// Enable the key listener


To customize labels & functions for softkeys
Call the SetSoftKeys command, part of fscommand2() method on the first frame of Flash Lite app. fscommand2() command are mobile focused ActionScript, outside ActionScript library. It maps the labels to softkeys and disables the default softkey functions.

fscommand2(“SetSoftKeys”, “LeftKeyLabel”, “RightKeyLabel”);

Note: Only left and right softkeys can be coded in fscommand2 method.

Design Rules:

1. Clear label

2. Forward-going functions (continue, confirm, zoom, options, menus) should be assigned to the left softkey.

3. Backward-oriented functions (cancel, back, exit) should be assigned to the right softkey.

4. Softkey label should be rotated in position when screen orientation changes

5. Code the softkey on touch event on touch devices


Flash Lite Application Deployment

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Nokia offers 4 options in deploying Flash Lite mobile app.

1. IR (infrared) / Bluetooth / USB cable
Nokia PC Suite is a FREE tool you can download and install Flash Lite applications. You can connect device via IR, Bluebooth or USB cable.

2. Memory card
You can transfer Flash Lite applications to the memory card of a device using a memory card reader.

3. OTA (over-the-air)
You can upload the Flash Lite applications to a Web server and then downloaded to a device via the device’s Web browser.

4. Email / MMS
Flash Lite applications can be sent as email attachments or MMS messages.

Install the Flash Lite app into assigned folders.

[device memory]\Data\Others
[memory card]\Data\Others

S60 3rd Edition and S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1
Run the app with Flash Lite Player

S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 and newer
Run the app by opening the main SWF file directly using the Media Gallery or File Manager

You can copy the Flash Lite app files to any location or launch from any location within the file system

Packaged App

Packaged app is installable mobile applications including a number of external resource files or additional Flash Lite applications. Files are packaged into a single installation source file.

Use Symbian Installation Source (SIS) package format
Stub applications are specialized lightweight Symbian applications packaged as SIS files to launch other applications

Use Nokia Flash Lite (NFL) package format

Signed Packages

S60 accepts signed SIS package. It can be signed by self-signed certificate for development or request official certificate from Symbian Signed. No signing requires for NFL packages.

Creating and signing a SIS package
Creating an NFL package
Creating a stub application

Flash-Lite Application

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4 simple steps to design a Flash-Lite mobile app. With wider range of mobile models, Flash Lite versions, and Flash Player types one must prepare each step well to achieve a well-balance well-designed mobile app.

  • analyze and define the requirements
  • scope
  • use cases
  • functionality

Flash Lite Application Types

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These are the 3 types of Flash Lite Application.

1. Standalone

Standalone Flash Lite applications are the most common category of Flash Lite applications. It only requires a SWF file.

S60 3rd Ed and/or Feature Pack 1 devices
Flash Lite player can be launched from the Applications menu

S60 3rd Ed and/or Feature Pack 2 devices
Flash player is a hidden application that allows users to access Flash Lite content directly from the Media Gallery or File Manager . Or it is launched from other applications that need to play Flash Lite content.

2. Browser-embedded Content

You can include Flash Lite content in HTML and XHTML Web pages. When a SWF file is coded in the <embed> and <object> elements of a Web page, the file is downloaded and played automatically by the device. It can be used in conjunction with mobile device widgets.

3. Screen Saver

A SWF file that requires no user interaction is a screen saver. Screen saver is available on all S60 devices that support Flash Lite 2.0 or newer and on all Series 40 devices. Wallpapers are a subset of screen savers. Wallpapers are displayed as a background image. Any device that supports screen savers also supports wallpapers.

Mobile phone supporting Flash Lite

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These are the mobile phones supporting Flash Lite 1.0 & 1.1

Updates on Adobe Content Developer Kits (CDKs)

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Adobe Flash Lite

  • Flash Lite 2 CDK
  • Flash Lite 1.1 CDK

I-MODE & I-MODE Global Alliance

  • Flash Lite 1.1 CDK for NTT DoCoMo phones


  • Flash Lite 1.0 CDK for GSM/GPRS i-mode

Sony Ericsson

  • Flash Lite 1.1 CDK for Sony Ericsson V800

Window Mobile (5.0)

  • Flash Lite 2.1 for Windows Mobile CDK

Pocket PC

  • Flash Player 6 CDK for Pocket PC


  • Flash Player 5 CDK for 9200 Communicator Series
  • Adobe Flash content on Nokia 9210i, 9210, or 9290 Communicator handsets


  • Flash Lite 1.1 CDK for KDDI phones


  • Flash Player 5 CDK for Sony CLIE

Interactive TV

  • Flash Player CDK for ITV for ANT, LIberate, MSFT TV Foundation Edition, MSFT TV Interactive Program Guide, OpenTV


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