Facebook Connect iPhone SDK

March 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Facebook Connect iPhone SDK is released on Mar 12th, 2009. Facebook includes a sample within SDK.

The sample contains Delegate ConnectAppDelegate.h and ConnectAppDelegate.m, and UIViewController SessionViewController.h and SessionViewController.m.

The sample also contains a xib file for UIViewController that handles FB Session.

SessionViewController.xib’s File’s Owner is connecting to four IB label and buttons that handle login, permission, and feed.
Interface Builder Outlets:

Received Action:

Facebook Connect Images are stored within FBConnect.bundle’s folder “image”
▪    close.png (FBC close button)
▪    fbicon.png (FBC icon)
▪    login.png (FB Connect button)
▪    login_down.png (FB Connect button touched state)
▪    login2.png (FB Connect with Facebook button)
▪    login2_down.png (FB Connect with Facebook button touched state)
▪    logout.png (Logout button)
▪    logout_down.png (Logout button touched state)


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