iPhone OS 3.0 SDK & Xcode 3.1.3

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It is a very nervous process to install iPhone OS 3.0 especially there are almost no information about this. What to do if things go wrong? How to reverse it?

I am lucky to install iPhone OS 3.0 successfully. Apparently there is no obvious changes as far as Xcode.

If you are on OS 2.2.1, your Xcode version is 3.1.2. If you install OS 3.0, your Xcode version is 3.1.3.

It is very important to read the “About iPhone SDK” 6 page PDF.

The most important upgrade is the iPhone simulator is more accurate and closer to the device.

With Xcode 3.1.3 you can compile project in earlier versions and even the OS 3.0. You have the options to run project on different versions.


Free & Paid Screencast on iPhone SDK

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The Progmatic Bookshelf is offering video tutorial from book authors in short videos. Prices is usually around $5 for a good length tutorial sessions. I can find myself falling for these video training instead of reading the book.

Mike Clark is offering paid screencast series on Becoming Productive in Xcode.

  • keyboard shortcuts
  • how to use text macros and user scripts, template customization
  • build automation
  • other time-saving tips and tricks

Bill Dudney is offering paid screencasts on Writing Your 1st iPhone Application.

Sample codes here.

Getting the background image position perfect

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This is a very minor but tricky time consuming task. Getting the background image aligned proportionally is a quite tricky.

If you have status bar and navigation bar are turned off to maximize the UI screen, you should format the background image exactly 320×460. Within Interface Builder, use Size Inspector to enter exactly 320 and 460 for W and H.

In Attribute Inspector, Select Mode: Scale To Fill. Check the “opaque” box in the drawing section. This will save CPU consumption as IB doesn’t have to draw anything behind the background image.

Interface Builder Inspector Property: Clear Context Before Drawing

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If you are using UILabel to display dynamic text based on IBAction UIButtons, then you would have to make sure the check box on “Clear Context Before Drawing” is checked. Unchecked, all the label text will be overlaying each drawing.

Clear Context Before Drawing is listed on View in Drawing section on Inspector property within Interface Builder.

Tricks: transfer entire UIView to new Xcode project

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It is always desire to find the best practices and quickest way to transfer UI components within Interface Builder.

Transferring the entire xib files may not work if you significant changes on your project. Interface Builder is very fragile and very easy to break giving you warnings and errors on console. Something you would like to avoid to reduce the debugging time. You rather have a clean project so you can continue to build on clean codes.

It is possible to select and click all the UI components from another project and drag them into new project if you open the xib file inside Interface Builder.

You will lose all the connections between Xcode and Interface Builder. It is better than recreating hundreds of library, resizing them to the right font type, size and color, and attach them with images and background, etc.

Transferring xib files: what to avoid

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It is ok to transfer all the assets files by dragging from existing to new project.

Don’t try to delete or rename the default xib and transfer existing xib file and expect to work.

Xcode project connect default xib files even you replace the xib files with the same file name.

You can transfer the UI elements by copy and paste.

Transfer Application Controller folder is also a bad idea especially you are using the Utility template. It is better to copy the code than copy the file.

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