Nokia S60 Web Runtime & OVI Store

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Nokia S60 Web Runtime is a developer platform for Nokia mobile. Nokia releases OVI store at

S60 Web Runtime (WRT) supports XML engine, HTML parser, JS engine, CSS processor rendering engine. WRT also supports Widget.

  • HTML 4.01
  • XHTML 1.0
  • CSS 2.1
  • JavaScript 1.5
  • AJAX (XmlHttpRequest)
  • DOM Level 2

WRT supports a security sandbox that provide controlled access to system resources. It allows

  • menu icon
  • soft keys and shortcuts
  • Widget specific API

5800 & N97 Nokia model supports the use JS libraries (JQuery).

WRT file structure

  • infoplist
  • icon.png
  • [name].css
  • [name].js
  • [name].html

Supported on Web Runtime
•    Cookies
•    Sessions from server based on Cookies
•    Flash Lite
•    Pre-installed Flash Player
•    Access to Map app
•    Access to camera, location, SMS

Not supported on Web Runtime (Public API)
•    Facebook API
•    Google Map
•    Microphone Detection
•    Audio Recording
•    Data Storing
•    SQLite
•    Accelerometer
•    Nokia-based UI library

You will find documentation and sample codes at

  • Quick Start
  • Sample
  • SDK & emulators
  • Remote device access
  • Fee based tech support

WRT Tools
Web Developer’s Library
S60 5th Edition SDK
WRT Aptana Plugin

Key platform releases for OVI Store
S60 3rd FP1 & FP2, S60 5th ed.
Series S40 5th & 6th ed.


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